What is Inside-Out Coworking?

In a world that is characterised by an abundance of connections of weak ties, we are yearning for genuine interaction and connectedness. Unfortunately we are not good at adjusting to this. With the rise in entrepreneurism across all groups and the need for young people to embrace these approaches, a new approach is needed.

92% of rural and 70% regional Victorian councils had declining business numbers in 2014/15. Within these numbers 96% of business entries and exits were micro-enterprises, those employing <4 people. This majority group of entrepreneurs yearn for connections and a modern enterprise approach. These people are the local community and they can give a community sustainable vitality in the midst of the current retail, manufacturing or large single employer disruption. Yet we focus on traditional business approaches and on very small numbers of high potential of tech startups.

Coworking is an obvious part of the solution as it provides entrepreneurs with connection, support and development. Inside-Out Coworking is a regionally developed model that expands on these approaches to involve the whole community of enterprising people.

Inside-Out Coworking reflects the modern socio-economic environment, which has at it’s core the principle of peer learning and support, building on the strengths and experiences of people within the community and creating mutual prosperity. It supports communities to be enterprising and to develop their own solutions from within in order to be sustainable. This approach challenges traditional business approaches that rely on top-down government support and formulaic models of business development.




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Broadcast 6 Sept 2017

There are regional coworking spaces all around the country that foster innovation and entrepreneurship that not only build new businesses, they also help to provide solutions to social problems within those communities.Co-author of a new book, Innovation Coworking, Christine Sweeney runs through the differences between city and regional co-working spaces and the case for building these spaces everywhere.



By Taylor Tran & Christine Sweeney

Innovation Coworking is the first comprehensive guide to Australia’s 300+ coworking spaces. In this edition there is a spotlight on regional innovation. It provides insights and tips about innovation and the coworking industry across all regions of Australia to help you go from idea to freelancing to startup and strategic growth.


By Bisner from the Netherlands

To find out more about coworking opportunities and trends in Australia, Bisner spoke to Rhonda and Tim, the cofounders of Cohoots, a coworking space located in rural Victoria. This place offers more than desks and fast wifi. Opened in 2014, Cohoots provides its members an authentic community atmosphere at their location in Castlemaine.



Where are Regional Australia’s coworking spaces, innovation hubs and work hubs. Check this map out to find some near or far to you.

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