Cohoots Coworking supports regional and rural entrepreneurs to connect with other entrepreneurs so they actively learn, collaborate and inspire each other. They in turn invigorate their local communities to be enterprising from within so their future becomes vibrant and sustainable.

Tim and Rhonda founded COHOOTS in 2014 to support people who want to find a better way to blend work into their lives. They have extensive knowledge and experience in business and community development. They are passionate about the modern working landscape’s capability to have long-term benefit for you and your community. We are located in Castlemaine.

Rhonda Chapman

Rhonda is an aid and development consultant who has lived in Castlemaine since 2008. She has over 25 years experience working with community organisations. Having worked as a sole trader for over 9 years, Rhonda knows the joys and challenges of working from home, at airports, in hotels and in remote locations. Quiet, shy and retiring are not how people describe Rhonda!

Tim Ford

Tim is an enterprise coach who has lived here for 25 years and been active in local community groups for most of that time. He has a diverse network of people and influences that challenge and inspire his viewpoints to keep him at the forefront of developing great work outcomes. He has also been referred to as a “walking dad joke”, so beware!


Chief Happiness Officer
Lottie, aka ‘The Boss’, looks after the meet & greet of members and their guests. She tends to get fidgety when meetings go on too long. Loves a bit of pat or cuddle, as we all do. Also, keeps a watchful eye on potential opportunities for advancing her activity levels and diet.

Doesn’t have a LinkedIn page, yet.

The Members

The Core
The members are the motivators, initiators and core of the Cohoots community. The community uses the space and it is them that provide the magic of coworking. They are diverse, dynamic and achieve incredible things.
Whether they are actively supporting others or simply adding to the vibe, their being around is what makes Cohoots work.

What our members say

Rhonda and Tim have succeeded in making Cohoots not just a place that caters for my every freelancing need, but a place I really look forward to coming to.

A real community has risen up around the business, forging not just contacts but friendships.


Journalist & Social Researcher

Cohoots has been a fantastic experience for me. I can really get my head down and work, and it’s also been excellent to meet so many interesting coworkers who live locally. Tim & Rhonda have been really helpful in connecting me with creative people and exciting initiatives.


Media Magnet Video Productions


Our blogs have stimulating ideas about the 3 ingredients that matter – you the entrepreneur, your enterprise, and your supportive community. Some fantastic insights from all sorts of people.


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