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Our blog recognises that the key factor of a business is you. You need passion and some business nous, which comes from getting the right information at the right time. You also need to build authentic connections for support and inspiration.

Enterprising You

Your Passion

You have passion. You have drive. You have an idea to combine your passion and drive into an enterprise. Does that make you an entrepreneur?

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Innovation vs Adaption

There is a lot of hype these days around innovation being the key to enterprise. The hype tends to call everything innovative. So what’s it all about?

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Your Enterprise

The Future of Work is Positive

Conversations around this topic tend to be fairly negative – robots will take all our jobs, get ready for huge unemployment, etc. The truth is that we have been adapting to technology since the Industrial Age and before.

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Your Community

Rural Coworking – Our Journey

We opened Cohoots in 2014 in the small Australian town of Castlemaine, population 8000. It was breaking new ground as far as open, independent spaces in rural areas of our state. Does being rural change coworking?

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What’s the Best Coworking Event?

Why do coworking spaces run events – help members learn skills, bring people together, get conversations happening, facilitate connections. All those plus marketing the space and making our memberships valuable.

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Coworking Operations Manual

The coworking Operations Manual is vital to the running of our space. Well, actually I’m not so sure it is. Or not in the way we traditionally think about operation manuals.

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