So you’ve heard about our 5th Birthday Opportunity. You would love to get some support to begin your enterprising venture in the best possible way.

We have a lot of passion for our local enterprising people whether they be in business, community organisations, event organisers or environment protesters. We don’t just talk but show it in how we support and participate with you, living and breathing our enterprising ways. We’re proud of the impact we create as a self-funded social enterprise. 

As part of our celebrations, we are very excited to offer someone support to develop their idea. We have worked with some amazing people and helped them brainstorm, launch and scale their ideas. You could be next.  


Step 1 – have an idea of a new venture, a new direction for your current business, or a new enterprising activity for your group

Step 2 – formulate that idea with information that you think is important

Step 3 – hit the “Go to the Application” button at the bottom of this page and complete the application form by Nov 22nd

Step 4 – we’ll let you know if you are shortlisted by Nov 26th

Step 5 – we meet with the shortlisted applicants

Step 6 – Winner announced woo hoo.

What we are looking for – we are very open to ideas. They’ll need to have substance, values that don’t destroy us or our planet, and be doable. Our CoHoots world is one of diverse small businesses, startups, social enterprises, community orgs, and slow businesses. We understand that both sensible and whacky ideas can succeed or fail. We’ll be here to support you through the initial journey.  


2 months of coworking goodness, be inspired by our diverse members, mixing with other enterprising people, bouncing off the entrepreneurial energy at CoHoots. 

The 2 months membership must be completed by March 20th, so you will have to start by January 20th to complete the 2 months. You can start earlier if you are ready. Starting earlier means finishing earlier when your 2 months is completed.


4 coaching sessions from Tim Ford, qualified enterprise coach and startup mentor with heaps of experience with local small businesses. 

These will be spread out to suit the individual, most probably fortnightly so you can work on the goals and aspect of your venture between coaching sessions. 


So what are you waiting for – get your shit together and kickstart your idea into existence in the healthiest way possible. Hit the button at the bottom to complete your application.


The following are some of the questions we are asking – might be good to prepare your answers in advance.

What is your venture’s name and mission?

Why do you think it is worthwhile?

What have you compiled that relates to this venture? Things such as research, plans, skills development, strategy ideas, etc.

What do you intend to accomplish in the next 12 months?

How would access to CoHoots Coworking benefit you?

Hit the button at the bottom to complete your application.


How do I apply?

Hit the button below these questions. It will take you to the application form. Please note the information above as it will help you fill out the application.

There’s a few of us involved. Can we all be a part of this?

No, the prize is for one person only. Certainly you can keep liaising with them (and others) but the CoHoots membership is only for one.

Will you fund my startup costs?

No, but we could work on ways you could get funding.

I noticed the 2-month period has to be finished by March 20. Can I keep going until then if I start in early January?

No, the prize is for 2 months coworking which starts when you start. You would be welcomed to continue coworking at your cost if you want to. That’s completely up to you.

I noticed the 2-month period has to be finished by March 20. Can I keep going if I start later than January 20th?


Do I have to attend CoHoots all the time?

No, you come along to work whenever you want. It is a great working environment to be in with other people’s networks that could be of benefit. If your idea requires a workshop/studio setting then maybe you can come along when doing the administrative stuff required when setting up a business. The coaching sessions will most likely be held at CoHoots.

Do I have to become a CoHoots member after completing the competition?

There is absolutely no pressure or expectation that you will. It would be great if you want to but that is entirely up to you.


8.30 - 6pm

1/40 Forest St

Castlemaine, Victoria

0419 327 217