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The Fourth Year Report

Enterprise Are Us

 We provide an environment where enterprise thrives.

We blend enterprising people together –

  • Memberships in our fourth year : 69 people & 1 dog (the Chief Happiness Officer), with full-time and part-time members whose work takes them locally, nationally and increasingly globally. We also occasionally host out-of-towners, like film production crews and consultants
  • Age range 26 – 66
  • Future Proofing -The past year our members gave birth to 3 babies and 10 puppies (little Chief Happiness Officers)
  • We celebrate International Womens Day all year round – 51% of our members are women (global coworking average is 40%)
  • 48 groups and individuals used our meeting spaces (19 from outside our region)

We Invigorate Local Enterprise

We support the broad range of our enterprising people, current and emerging, in diverse ways

  • Work Orphans Xmas Party in partnership with the Theatre Royal, supporting & celebrating our micro and hidden businesses
  • Workshops, networking nights, the Saturday Sessions series all featured facilitators who are local practitioners with expertise
  • A Podcast featured in the Small Business Festival Victoria with 108 people tuned in. We’re the only Mt Alexander group to feature in the festival – our 3rd year of being selected to present
  • Coaching and mentoring individuals and community groups
  • Being the connector between people with a need and to relevant local businesses

We Are About Local Community

Enterprising communities aren’t only made up of businesses. Ideas & actioning those ideas happens across the whole community. We actively support groups including the schools, ish, xtreme inc, jazz festival, tiny house movement, library, kinders, markets, festivals, Glittering Goldfields, & the Climate Flags movement

  • We love biscuits – Lindy Alexander (freelance writer) loves to bake them, members buy & eat them, then we give the money to a local enterprising group (last year to Glittering Goldfields)
  • New residents who become members are introduced to a broad group of people & resources to begin their local community interaction/participation
  • We, including our members, provide support and consultancy to many local community groups 

We Have Impact

Having a purpose and activating that purpose results in widespread impact

  • We use 35 local businesses in our operations
  • All our members have increased their business by coworking osmosis
  • 319 – Total number of enterprises we have supported over the past year

We Are Influencers

We practice a community approach to enterprise and entrepreneurship, using the coworking concept to promote collaboration and sustainability. This is a vital element that’s often missing in local enterprising communities.

  • Presenter at the Coworking Asia Conference (Penang 2018), topic “Hyper-local: How Rural Coworking Spaces Can Have Big Impacts on Their Communities”
  • Established Coworking Victoria Group for small coworking spaces across metro & regional Victoria
  • First Australian coworking space in the Asian First Thursday movement
  • Key Partner supporting the 4-day Social Enterprise Virtual Summit
  • Recognised leader in supporting regional & rural enterprise

Our Environmental Impact

CoHoots promotes sustainable environment habits

  • Waste – each week we accumulate 1 small bag of rubbish, a crate full of recyclables & 2 compost bins;  we use refillable containers for soaps, detergent, etc; & recycled paper products
  • Transport – we encourage bike usage, are centrally located for walking everywhere, and attract commuters who work locally instead of travelling
  • Paper – promote digital documentation rather than paper by not having a large photocopier
  • Buy Local Supplies – such as locally roasted fair-trade coffee and even re-use the coffee bags
  • Make our members take their clothes off in hot weather to lessen the need for an aircon (not really, just seeing if you are still reading)

The Unique CoHoots Approach

  • We encourage sustained connections & sharing amongst local enterprising people
  • We are a self-supporting for-purpose enterprise; we do not get support or funding from council, governments, others
  • We continually evolve our activities to reflect what is going on locally
  • We build a stronger community of enterprising people rather than stronger individual businesses – we turn the me into we
  • Have a community-up rather than top-down approach
  • To empower our community we use local expertise, who keep the context real, rather than bringing in outsiders as facilitators, mentors, coaches, collaborators

Thank You For Your Support

To all the people who have been a part of CoHoots in some big or little way, who find value in our events & services, follow our various media, stop us in the street to discuss the business scene –  we thank you for your support and energy.

Doing all this with you is our passion. 4½ years of luv xxx


8.30 - 6pm

1/40 Forest St

Castlemaine, Victoria

0419 327 217