Is all innovation new?

There is a lot of hype these days around innovation being the key to enterprise. The hype tends to call everything innovative. So what’s it all about?

To me there are many approaches to enterprise, although innovation certainly fosters creative thinking and opportunity. Whilst most of our regional enterprises are not in the ‘tech startup’ innovation category, there are plenty who simply (or more correctly with plenty of hardship) do things better than others. Maybe it’s with a better level of service, or easier delivery models, or a greater customer focus. In other words, it is innovation in an ‘adaptive’ rather than ‘new’ way. Nothing wrong with that.

Take Mount Alexander Fruit Gardens in Harcourt, central Victoria for example. They are an orchard that grows many varieties of fruit – fairly common for orchards I hear. Anyway, they also run workshops, provide books on the subject, have online support groups & training for people growing their own fruit, and they are very active in our community sharing their knowledge. They also lease out parts of their land to vegetable growers who share the same values. They are truly innovative in an adaptive way.


8.30 - 6pm

1/40 Forest St

Castlemaine, Victoria

0419 327 217