Is our future going to be positive or negative?

Conversations around this topic tend to be fairly negative – robots will take all our jobs, get ready for huge unemployment, etc.

The truth is that we have been adapting to technology since the Industrial Age and before. Look at farming practices now compared to 60 years ago. Or the taxi industry – the industry is changing but the size of it is actually growing. However, soon we’ll find that industry devastated by  driverless cars (& trucks for that matter). We’re always changing.

Technology will certainly be a part of everyone’s work, including tradies, house cleaners & brain surgeons. As well as replacing or modifying some tasks, technology also creates & enables many opportunities. Some of these are new and some are adaptive. Most are within everyone’s reach, rather than controlled by huge corporations. A global business was once the domain of these corporations but now it can be run out of your lounge room!

The future, as has always been the case, is a matter of being aware what is going on around you and adapting. More and more people also bring broader perspectives to what they do – that of life ethic not just work ethic. So keep on tweaking for a better you and a better world!

A good read on the future of work is this article by Ross Gittins. Do yourself a favour.


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