Why the biscuit jar is a great coworking event

One of our members, writer Lindy Alexander, loves to bake. She has two pre-school kids and a partner that don’t eat much sweet stuff. So Lindy wanted to up her happiness stakes by baking for someone. She came into Cohoots one day and let her secret out. Other members threw around possibilities and Lindy agreed to bake some cookies on Mondays and bring them into Cohoots. Members pay whatever they feel for a biscuit, and the money raised will go to a local cause.

Sounds pretty simple. Would you call it an event though?

Why do we in the coworking sector run events? To help members learn skills, bring people together, get conversations happening, facilitate connections? All those plus marketing the space and making our memberships valuable.

So what does the biscuit-jar achieve?

It’s an idea generated from and by the members.

It makes people happier – Lindy with her baking, and members with their stomachs.

It’s outcome provides financial support for an outside cause (good for the broader community of which we are a part).

So what makes it a great idea?

Every time a member goes into the kitchen they see the beautiful jar – perhaps twice a day minimum. It immediately reminds them of the coworking notion – we are here to share, we are here to do good for ourselves and others, it is not about the space but about what the members do, and we are part of our broader community.

And what makes it an event?

As Alex Hillman from Indy Hall says people sitting around anywhere talking or working can be coworking. They are achieving the goals of an event, perhaps even more so. The greatness of this event is that it doesn’t just happen on an evening, or a day or a weekend. It is working as an event all the time in its small but highly effective way.

Thanks Lindy, you have started a great event that no formal planning could come up with.


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